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Reliable IPTV Server for all your needs, Best IPTV Server in Europe.

Imagine a world without IPTV? and without Oh no! we have the best iptv servers! More than +7500 IPTV Channels and +1300 VOD for all your friends and family!

Our IPTV Server is compatible with:
Smart IPTV, Kodi IPTV, MAG 250, MAG 254, XBMC/Kodi, PC, Mac, Enigma, zGemma and many more IPTV Devices..


Reliable IPTV Service in the market 100% Satisfaction

Realiable IPTV german or Buy IPTV subscription has never been easier using our website, we have more than 10 Dedicated servers with 10 Gbps and unlimited bandwidth to bring you more than 7500 IPTV Channels and more than 1300 VOD updated everyweek at 00:00 PST, we provide you the best quality iptv subscription for all your needs, you can also have our Premium IPTV trial for free, we give away everyday more than 300 iptv m3u link to new customer to test out all our iptv channels and vods online. has been in the market since 2013, so we have more than +5000 IPTV customers every month and more than 100,000 new visitors in our platform, our iptv service is the largest in Europe and USA also for sure, if you would like to purchase please scroll down and choose your desired IPTV Package.

Yes More than +7500 IPTV Channels and +1300 VOD’s Worldwide! bring you always the best quality for your most favorites IPTV channels and VOD’s, the most stable IPTV Server in Europe are localized in Germany and Russia to get more than 99% uptime with no freeze at all using our AntiFreeze System with updates every month, so what are you waiting for? order your IPTV Subscription now and get the life you want! at low-cost and high quality IPTV experience.

I’ve been using this IPTV Subscription on my MAG device 254 and it’s great without interruption on the footbal matchs! I recommend if you want to watch your IPTV Channels without freezes and cuts, thank you again.

Victoria ( Germany )

MAG Device , Customer since 2014

How to use IPTV?

Want to know how you can use your IPTV Server? you can simply follow our easy step by step on how to setup your Reliable IPTV Server now.

IPTV Server Features

Global IPTV Service

Our IPTV subscription will work on any device, you can get our IPTV Channel list in our website with IPTV updates every week, our uptime server is correctly configured to give you the best iptv experience.

Premium IPTV Service

Premium IPTV Service for all our customers, we deliver the best iptv service for you and your friends with more than 7500 iptv channels and vods and movies.

Easy To Setup

We will send you all the informations about your IPTV Subscriptions and how to setup IPTV box correctly, don’t worry we are here to help you.

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IPTV Subscriptions

You can choose the right Reliable IPTV Subscription that meets your needs and budget.
We accept only PayPal and Bitcoins only, and all the payments should be in EUR currency.

1 Month -10% OFF

14.95/1 Month
  • 7500 IPTV Channels SD/HD*
  • 1000 VOD & TV Shows*
  • 99,9% Uptime*
  • 24h/7d Technical Support*
  • Bitcoin & PayPal Accepted*
  • Multiple Devices*

3 Months -20% OFF

High Best Choice Package
26.95/3 Months
  • 7500 IPTV Channels SD/HD*
  • 1000 VOD & TV Shows*
  • 99,9% Uptime*
  • 24h/7d Technical Support*
  • Bitcoin & PayPal Accepted*
  • Multiple Devices*

12 Months -80% OFF

-80% OFF Discount
  • 7500 IPTV Channels SD/HD*
  • 1000 VOD & TV Shows*
  • 99,9% Uptime*
  • 24h/7d Technical Support*
  • Bitcoin & PayPal Accepted*
  • Multiple Devices*

Our IPTV Service work on many devices :

– Our IPTV Server is Compatible Receivers Enigma 2 (DreamBox800HD, DreamBox500HD,Zgemma, VU+ IPTV Player, Cloud i-box, Gigablue and much more.. )

– Computer or Mac (VLC Media Player) You can download it here : Download VLC Media Player Now
IPTV Android Devices, Kodi IPTV (Samsung Galaxy / Apple iPhone / Ipad IPTV / Galaxy Tab)
Works on following boxes and devices:
Android TV boxes, Android Tablets, Android Smartphones, Smart TV Samsung and LG, MAG BOX 250 254 256 275 etc, Amazon Fire Tv Box, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, iPad, iPhone, Pc Computer/Laptop/Mac, Avov TvOnline, Apple tv 4 (with siri remote), Medialink ML 4100 and many more IPTV Devices..

User Reviews

4.8 out of 5 star rating

Steve from Estonia : I have tested this IPTV Server and it worked fine for me, thank you guys for helping me, I recommend.

Zina from Germany : Thank you for this amazing IPTV Server, I like the quality for every channel and the uptime also, I suggest, big up!

Melania from Greece : Good quality and cheap price for the whole list 7500 iptv channels and vods also available in Greece, I like it.

Friska from Greece : OTE and Nova are my favorites packages and is one of my favorites iptv providers on the market, thank you.


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Our IPTV Server Uptime

Why is your best choice?

The answer is simple, we bring every week new updates and we add new IPTV Servers to get the most of your TV experience, has been in the market since 2013 and we provide more than +7500 Iptv Channels and +1300 VODs for every premium package, is that not amzing?

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